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School Charter


 Paraparaumu School’s shared vision is to: 

“Collectively create a challenging and exciting learning environment aimed at developing independent and co-operative well-educated students, who have respect for the beliefs and attitudes of others”. 

Our Community’s Core Values  At Paraparaumu School our students are immersed in an environment which values:

  • Respect
  • Self belief
  • Patience and self control
  • Cooperation and Helpfulness
  • Persistence
  • Individuality and Independence
  • Friendliness, Kindness and Generosity
  • Fairness and Sense of Justice
  • Passion and Spontaneity
  • Bravery and Confidence
  • Reliability and Honesty
  • Acceptance
  • Empathy
The Special Character of Paraparaumu School

We are very much an inclusive, family orientated school of approximately 220 students. We are the oldest Primary School in the area and have 120 years history of educating the community of Paraparaumu. Some students are the fourth generation of their family to attend the school, whilst there are also a large proportion of transient families. Students reside in all areas of the Kapiti Coast from Paekakariki to Waikanae with 61% living the school side of the railway tracks.

All our students are most welcoming towards new students and visitors alike and there is a real pride in their belonging to our school. This pride is also reflected in the beautifully maintained buildings and grounds which have extra special  child orientated features such as a mini putt 9 hole course, a petanque piste and a life-size chess game.

We are a Decile 6 school with 53% NZ European, 24% Maori students, 7% Pacifica Students, 10% European, 2% Asian and 4% other.  We therefore have a really diverse mix of different social and cultural backgrounds.  We acknowledge and support many cultures and do provide specific opportunities for our Maori students as well as our students from other cultural backgrounds through the compulsory teaching of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori on a weekly and integrated basis.  We also have a weekly Culture Group catering for children aged between 5 and 13.  We also have an Enrichment Programme in Te Reo and Tikanga Maori for some of our Year 5-8 Maori students.  This programme is run by a member of our community.

Our Year 7 and 8 students are taught a second language on a rotational basis.  Languages include Te Reo Maori, French, Spanish and NZ Sign.  Our vision for all our students is to produce well-rounded, individuals, yet co-operative young adults who can work and socialise with people from all walks of life. 

We operate a whole school behaviour management programme which also incorporates the Peace Foundation’s Cool Schools Peer Mediation programme. 

In responding to the national education priorities and the desires of the community, we place an emphasis on literacy, numeracy, the use of ICT and the promotion of physical activity.  We are using the New NZ Curriculum and have developed a school based curriculum which includes our own Inquiry Learning model, the specific teaching of thinking skills and our school values and the monitoring of the key competencies. 

We have many innovative extra learning programmes in place to cater for all our students needs including those with special educational needs and those with special abilities. Our ‘Rocketing into School’ programme for 4 year olds is widely acknowledged by the local community as both an innovative and successful initiative.

All our students are  recognised for individual achievement and effort in academic ability, sporting ability, people skills and behaviour.   We value the partnership which exists between students, parents and teaching staff, with all three being involved in goal setting, assessing and reporting.  Our innovative and well supported ‘Student Led Conferences’ are a great example of this partnership.  At Paraparaumu School we believe:

  • In respecting and acknowledging the diversity within our school community
  • In equal opportunities for all
  • In striving for excellence together
  • In valuing the strength of a combined team approach between home and school



 The Timeline for this Charter was as follows:

May 2008 – Parent Workshops

June 2008– Community Surveys sent out

August 2008 – BOT Survey Committee met to collate results

September 2008 – Community feedback on results

September – December 2008 – Staff and Student input

February/March 2009 – Charter WrittenMay 2009- Ratified by the BOT.  

A General Overview of Our School Goals for Student Achievement
While at
Paraparaumu School our students will:

  1. Develop an appreciation of personal academic achievement.
  2. Become numerate and literate and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  3. Develop their Key Competencies in Managing Self, Relating to others, Participating and contributing and Thinking.
  4. Develop a “Thinking Tool Box” which allows them to choose their tools for learning.
  5. Become ICT literate and be able to use ICT as a tool for learning.
  6. Challenge their learning through an Inquiry approach.
  7. Have environmental awareness.
  8. know how to be physically fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Please also refer to our “Statement of Student Achievement” for more specific academic goals.     

National Education Goals and Priorities for Student Achievement 

·        All programmes are based on the New Zealand Curriculum.

·        The school consults and reports to the community on the achievement of Maori students against their peers.

·        The school intends to meet the requirements to reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and to respond to requests for education in Tikanga and Te Reo Maori.

·        Regular monitoring of student achievement and programme information is reported to individual students, parents and the community.

·        The school provides a safe physical and emotional environment.

·        Programmes are supported by the school’s policies, procedures, maintenance and financial plans, job descriptions, Performance Management systems and health and safety strategies. 

Our School Goals for 2009 -2011     Student Achievement 

·        To continue to improve all Students’ achievement in Literacy.

·        To continue to improve all students’ achievement in Numeracy.

·        To continue to improve assessment, monitoring,evaluation and planning systems in order to improve student achievement.

·        To continue to work towards our Student Achievement Goals.

·        To continue a programme in Careers information for our Year 7 and 8 students.

·        To continue to provide adapted programmes for students with identified needs.

·        To promote The Arts by providing extra opportunities for students.

·        To promote Sports by providing extra opportunities for students.

·        To continue to integrate ICT into the Curriculum and also teach skills in the use of the computer.

·        To continue to develop our students’ Inquiry Learning and Thinking skills

·        To support our students and actively work with our Paraparaumu School’s Values.

Student Support 

·        To continue with the well established and annually reviewed Behaviour Management and ‘Cool Schools’ programme

·        To maintain strong links with outside agencies.

·        Within funding limits, to continue the Teacher Aide Literacy Programme.

·        To continue the Reading Recovery Programme.

·        To continue the Tutor Reading Programme.

·        To continue with our second language programme for Year 7 and 8 Students.

·        To ensure that all our students are involved in our PE/PA programme which incorporates daily fitness.

·        To continue to have a suitably qualified person to run the Culture Group

·        To continue with our Enrichment Programme in Te Reo and Tikanga Maori for our Maori students

·        To prepare our Year 8 students well for coping with the demands of college life.

·        To actively encourage parental involvement in their child’s education and in the general life of the school.

·        To maintain positive and reciprocal links with the local Pre-Schools.

·        To continue to implement our successful ‘Rocketing into school’ 4 year old programme

·        To continue the “Senior Buddy” programme for orientation of new students to the school.

·        To provide different resources for different learning styles.         

Personnel Management 

·        To continue to operate the annually reviewed Performance Management Programme.

·        To recognize and value all input and contributions from all Teaching and Non-teaching staff in line with our Staff Culture Document.

·        To continue to employ an independent Appraiser for the Principal’s Appraisal process.

·        To manage Banked Staffing and use it in a prudent way in order to indirectly and directly better student achievement.


·        To continue to employ an independent Financial Service Provider to support the school financial systems and prepare monthly and annual Financial Statements.

·        To monitor and control expenditure to ensure that we are able to pursue our strategic goals.

·        Financial performance will be regularly reported to the BOT through the Finance Committee. 


·        To follow our 10 Year Property Plan.

·        To actively create 21st Century learning spaces which promote Student achievement in the New Curriculum.

·        To provide adequate shade from trees and man-made products. 

Health and Safety 

·        To maintain a safe and healthy learning environment which aides curriculum development and student achievement.

·        To have a Property Plan which reflects the high priorities placed on a safe and healthy environment.

·        To continue to maintain the School Hazards Register.

·        To continue to maintain the medical, medicine administration and accident registers.

·        To maintain emphasis on the importance of Civil Defence and evacuation procedures.

·        To continue to follow up student absences on the day of absence.

·        To maintain a visitors book and to continue to challenge any person on the school grounds while school is in session.


The main body of this Charter has been reviewed in full by the whole community in 2008 ready for implementation in 2009 and in line with the implementation of the New Curriculum in 2010.

Each year Section 3 - Student Achievement and Section 3.1- Improvement Targets, should reviewed by the Principal and staff  and BOT and The main body of the Charter should be reviewed in full by the whole community in 2008 ready for implementation in 2009 and in line with the implementation of the New Curriculum in 2010.

This Charter has been presented to the staff and parents and ratified by the Board of Trustees. 

This Charter drives operations and links with the policies and procedures of the school. The policies and procedures are reviewed on a cyclical basis – policies by the BOT in consultation with staff and procedures by the staff and noted by the BOT. 

Community consultation including with our Maori community, occurs each year as part of the Self Review process. Reporting to the community on student achievement is through newsletters and reporting on individual student achievement is every term - Term 1 through our Meet the Teacher Evening and through Learning Stories, Term 2 through the Student Led Conferences and written summary reports Term 3 through Learning Stories and Term 4 through full written reports. 

Paraparaumu School’s planning year is from January to December each year. A copy of our updated Charter will be lodged with the Ministry of Education in March each year. A copy of the annual report will be lodged with the Ministry of Education by 31st May the following year. 

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