Student of the week and other awards

April 6, 2023

Paraparaumu School


There is no newsletter this week, however here is the student of the week, whizz kids and part card awards.

Steven Caldwell

Student of the Week

Rikihana           Room9              Year7

Riki, you are a delight to teach. You demonstrate all of the school PART values in everything that you do. You  give new learning tasks a try with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. The progress you have made academically over the last year and a term has been substantial, and this is largely due to your resilience. You are a kind, caring member of Room 9 who looks out for your peers. I love how you are confident in being your authentic self. Never change! Keep up the fantastic work.


Congratulations to our Whiz Kids Room P.A.R.T  Certificates
Grace 1 Jaxon
Te  Atawhai 2 Amaia
Heremaia 3 Javahn
ZaraJane 3 Hinde
Rose 4 Kylie
Fern 5 Kassie
Esmee 6 Heidi
Lachie 7 Sam
Sasha 8 Zoe
Paige 9 T.J
Brody 10 Whole class
Abby 11 Whole class
Ellie 12 Noah
Lazarus 13 Royce
Part Winners Room
Connor 6
Asher 6
Caleb 10
Ella 9
Brooke 1