Te Whānau Kōtuku

Bilingual learning environment for Year 0 – 8.

Te Whānau Kōtuku currently consists of three classrooms catering for Y0-2, taught by Whaea Avelene Tawhara. Year 3 -5, taught by Whaea Hayley Tanga and Year 6 – 8, taught by Whaea Karere Taiaki. There is currently a waitlist for 2024 and 2025. Please contact the office if you would like to place your tamaiti on the waitlist.

Both English and te reo Māori are explicitly taught with 30-50% of total immersion in te reo Māori and a Maōri worldview is integrated in other subject areas. Whānau support and participation is an integral part of Te Whānau Kōtuku with an expectation that whānau will attend one whānau hui held per term and contribute where they can support the development of their tamaiti.

If you would like further information about our bilingual pathway, please contact Hayley Tanga through the school office or via email hayley.tanga@paraparaumu.school.nz

‘Ko tōku reo tōku ohooho

Ko tōku reo tōku māpihi maurea

Ko tōku reo. Tōku kai marihi’

‘My language is my awakening

My language is my treasure

My language is my prize possession’

Te Reo me ōna Tikanga (opportunities to participate and experience)

Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga is a crucial role of Te Whānau Kōtuku. Tikanga Māori supports and guides our learning in all aspects of the curriculum.

  • Haerenga ki te Marae
  • Learning and being amongst the taiao
  • Traditional Māori games
  • Pūoro Māori
  • Kapa haka
  • Karakia, kōrero and waiata
  • Kapa haka festival – Takiri o te Ata