Enrolment Zone

As of 4th February 2021, Paraparaumu School (11 Ruapehu Street), have adopted an enrolment scheme. Listed below is the “Home Zone” explaining who is entitled to enrol at the school.

In the North the enrolment scheme follows Otaihanga Road South East.  Otaihanga Road addresses 220, 240, 250 are in zone (all other addresses are out of zone). The scheme then goes across country to the Kapiti Coast District Council & Upper Hutt City Council boundaries Nikau Valley is in zone.

In the South the scheme runs across country from the Kapiti Coast District Council & Upper Hutt City Council boundaries to intersect with Valley Road (all addresses on Maungakotukutuku Road are NOT in zone). Address 80-261 Valley Road are in zone.

In the West the scheme runs along Old State Highway 1 (address 46-239 Old State Highway are in zone).  The scheme runs along Amohia Street (all addresses are in zone), the scheme then turns North West and runs along Kapiti Road. 1-109 and 2-98 Kapiti Road are included. Roads on the North West side of Kapiti Road within the street numbers mentioned above are in zone. The scheme then runs along the Kapiti Expressway to Otaihanga Road

Further information can be obtained from the school office.

Download School Zone Map

Rocketing into school

This session is held every Tuesday between 9.00am and 10.00am and is open to children who have turned 4 and a half, and are enrolled at our school. It is an activity based programme focusing on developing early Literacy and Numeracy skills.

This session requires that a parent or caregiver is present and is not suitable for toddlers. When your child is 6 weeks away from starting school they are able to stay till 11.00am without a parent.

If you would like to register your child for this programme or would like more information please enquire at the office.

Visitor Morning

This is held every Tuesday between 9.00am and 11.00am and follows on from Rocketing into School which finishes at 10am.

Visits begin approximately six weeks before your child begins school. Some children benefit from more visits if they are anxious about beginning school and others require less. This session is based around developmental activities and allows the child to socialise with other children in the class and to gain confidence in a new environment. During this visit we have a healthy food break so please send your child with a piece of fruit if possible. They are welcome to stay for morning tea which finishes at 11.20am.