Before & After School Care

We have before and after school care onsite in our school hall. This is an O.S.C.A.R. approved programme and is owned by SKIDS (Safe Kids in Daily Supervision) and operates from 6.45-8.30 am & 2.45-6pm, Monday – Friday.

Welcome to SKIDS Paraparaumu School!

My name is Sonia South and I am the Area Manager for SKIDS Paraparaumu School (Safe Kids in Daily Supervision). We have a fantastic SKIDS before and afterschool care programme at Paraparaumu School, we have been onsite since Term 3 2011. We are here to provide support to parents and children in your community. We have a sister programme at Raumati South School where we run our holiday programmes from 7 am to 6 pm during holiday periods. Further information requests or any enquires/questions are welcome. Kindly contact Sonia: 06 364 8852, 027 739 1986, or visit SKIDS Kids have fun, come join us.