Steven Caldwell – Principal

My name is Steven Caldwell. I am the Principal of Paraparaumu School. I have been here since 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I have lived on the Kapiti Coast most of my life and have also lived in Wellington and London. My wife’s name is Vanessa and I have two children, Bailey and Matthew. I enjoy any form of exercise, in particular weight training. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit a lot of fantastic countries over the last 20 years.

Cat Wylde – Chairperson

My family and I have been with Paraparaumu School since 2014. I have two daughters, Milly Year 8 and Keira in Te Whanau Kotuku Year 4. We have enjoyed seeing both girls blossom under the care of the teachers here. This is my second term on the school board. I have a background in event management particularly with a community focus in sport, recreation and play. I’ve recently joined the Kapiti Women’s Triathlon trust to support this awesome kaupapa.


Ania Chaber-Murray – Staff Rep

My name is Ania Chaber-Murray and I’m pleased to be on the Board of Trustees at Paraparaumu School as the staff trustee. I have lived in Wellington most of my life, the past five years I have been living on the lovely Kapiti Coast. I’m Polish European and my husband is Samoan and Italian – giving us two beautiful children with a valuable mixed culture.

I’ve worked as a teacher for most of my career, spending one year working for the Ministry of Education. Other years have been spent travelling and being a mum.

Outside of work I enjoy riding my bike, walking and vegie gardening (although I would not claim to be particularly good at it!)

I want to support Paraparaumu School to be a place where children can learn, excel and gain the confidence to push themselves, but most importantly, for it to be a place they enjoy and be a PART of our family.

Kat Kerr – Parent Representative

I have been on the Board of Trustees for a number of years now, first as a parent representative for Te Whānau Kōtuku, later being elected on as a full member when a space came up.

I have lived on the coast for over 30 years and have one daughter at school.

I am very passionate about our school and supporting our kids to achieve and be the best that they can be.

I bring a lot of experience to the Board through my professional experience, working within high level facilities and office management roles throughout my career. I currently work in office management and finance and am highly organised.

I also am very involved in our local community through sport and love nothing more than to develop all ages of kids/adults through netball.

Emma Hine – Parent Representative

It is a great privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees of Paraparaumu School.

I am married to James, and we have 1 young daughter at the school, so I am very invested in the continued success of the school.

Professionally, I have extensive experience at several Public Sector agencies (Internationally and nationally), leading their Internal Assurance and Audit functions.  I am passionate about effective risk leadership, robust corporate governance, and business process improvement.

My work roles mean I also have experience managing budgets and resources, recruiting staff, and dealing with general employment matters.

We are fortunate to have great teaching staff; I see our role as a Board of supporting them and the school’s leadership to help our children be the best they can be.

Miriama Gemmell –  Parent Representative

Miriama Gemmell is the representative for the whānau of Te Whānau Kōtuku. Her tamariki are Hēmi Searle and Hana Searle from Room 3. He uri rātou nō Ngāti Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa, Ngāti Pāhauwera, Ngāti Rākaipaaka. Miriama is an English teacher at Kāpiti College.

Daniel Cottrell – Parent Representative

Jo Pittman – BOT Secretary

Hello, my name is Joanne Pittman and I am proud to have been the Office Manager and Board Secretary at this school since 2012.

I am originally from the UK and emigrated to NZ in 2007, firstly to Tauranga, then Whitby before settling in Paraparaumu.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, walking and fishing when the weather allows.