Quick 60

At Paraparaumu School Quick 60 is held in the rainbow room, a positive and vibrant space.

It provides up to 25 students per term with a program which is run daily in 45 minute slots. Quick 60 is designed as a prevention/ Intervention program to bring groups of 5 children up to standard in reading and spelling in fewer than 60 lessons.

Quick 60 follows the same lesson plan so students know what to expect.They learn about an array of subjects from animals to space keeping the program engaging and exciting at all levels while embedding high frequency words and new sound skills.

The readers are all non-fiction which empowers struggling older readers to feel confident. It also allows students from different classes to work collaboratively in an interactive way.

Since we started running the program in 2019 we have seen some amazing results with our students becoming confident readers and writers and willing to take risks in their learning.

Once students complete our program they are able to add their face to our “Wall of Champions “allowing them to showcase their success on their learning journey.