Newsletter no 14

May 25, 2023

Paraparaumu School


Dear families and friends of our school

Teacher Only Day Friday 2nd June.

On Friday 2nd June school will be closed for another teacher only day. At present, the New Zealand Curriculum is being refreshed and updated, the first time since 2007. The Ministry of Education has allocated teacher only days for teachers to continue looking at how this will impact education and what we do here for teaching and learning. Can you please make alternative arrangements for your child on this day. Your co-operation is most appreciated.

Student Led conferences: 21st  June 1pm—7:45pm (school closes at 12:30); 22nd June 3:15 pm—6:45pm

How to book your student led conference:

All bookings will be done via ETAP app which you should have on your phone.

If you DO NOT have access to the internet or have any problems with the process you can book a conference time by contacting the school office (298 7900) and Jo will book a time for you.

Steven Caldwell

Student of the Week

Makoto                  Room  13                      Year  2

Makoto, you have only been in Room 13 for a short time but you have blown us away with how you show our school values every day! You are the first to help out other people when they need it. You show respect to all of your classmates when they share their ideas; listening carefully and always happy to share your knowledge when it is your turn. You have been adding lots to our class ‘Space’ discussions this term. It has also been amazing to see how you tackle new challenges with determination and a smile! Thank you for being such an awesome member of our class and school community – we are lucky to have you Makoto!

Congratulations to our Whiz Kids Room P.A.R.T Certificates
Harlem 1 Loverah
Piripi 2 Micha
Remy 3 Zara-Jane
Fox 3 Keira
Arlo 4 Hayleigh
Sophia 5 Maia-Jade
Lincoln 6 Nina
Isaac 7 Elijah
Chloe 8 Drake
Charliem 12 Chloe s
Kelly-George 13 Makoto

The Forest

A gust of wind echoes through the forest, as the trees swing the opposite direction.

A screech can be heard from a distance where the protagonist freezes in fear, knowing they’ve doomed themself. Their heart beats rapidly then they start running for their lives. The intensity gets more wild as they start hallucinating and their life flashes before their very own eyes. Then a burst of wind pushes in front of them, bringing them back where they were. Dead silence struck them. The effort they made running away was for nothing. They slowly tilt their head up and see an entity like a beast. It has wide beast-like eyes that could make anyone insane in an instant and humongous sharp fangs. As the creature widens its eyes the protagonist’s head explodes with confetti leaving their body to wither away.

By Jacob

Room 9

Pyjama Day – Friday 30th June

Wear your PJs and donate a gold coin to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.


Please keep collecting Yummy Stickers and passing onto your child’s teacher.  We can get some amazing sports gear plus the winning class gets a pizza lunch!

P.A.R.T Focus

“PLAY YOUR PART”.  PART of the Family/Kia kotahi tatou was developed from our school being part of the PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) professional development. P.A.R.T is designed to provide an overarching concept that all involved with Paraparaumu School will live by, that includes students, staff and parents and caregivers. It is designed to nurture a positive environment by promoting respectful and caring relationships that support student Hauora, (wellbeing).

For the next three weeks of term we will be focusing on the value of ‘Turangawaewae’.  What does this look like?  What does this sound like?  At home you could have a family chat about what makes each whanau member feel strong and at home.