Newsletter no 19

June 29, 2023

Paraparaumu School


Dear families and friends of our school

We have come to the last newsletter for Term 2— it has gone really fast. Have a safe and restful break and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 17th July for the start of Term 3.

Online enrolment

We are pleased to announce that we have launched an online enrollment system. The link can be found on our website under enrollment. This will allow you to upload documents such as birth certificates, immunization records, proof of address and visas or passports. I would encourage all parents who have pre enrollments to use this system.

Matariki Evening

We will be holding our annual Matariki Evening on 26th July, celebrating the beginning of the new year in the Māori lunar calendar. Some students will be showcasing activites/skills they have been learning. Matariki is one of the highlights of our school year and I encourage you all to come along and take part in the festivities. The evening starts at 5:30pm.

Student of the week morning teaA reminder that all of our “Students’ of the Week” will be joining us on Friday: Huia ,Kylie, D`Arcy, Lachie Bean,  Makoto, Rylah-May Pitt-Drummond, Thea, Danica, Esme, Maisie

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou – warm regards to you all.


Steven Caldwell

Student of the Week

Maisie Evans Room 1 Year 4

Maisie, you are a ray of sunshine which lights up our class every day. You are a beautifully kind and caring person and you are so helpful towards everyone who is lucky enough to know you. We have been completing alot of group work lately which brings many challenges, but you offer constructive feedback to your team to enhance your group’s work. You use your initiative and are always looking for new ways to get involved. Maisie, you have such a positive outlook on life and you inspire me every day, keep being you.

Congratulations to our Whiz Kids Room P.A.R.T Certificates
Heremaia 3 Destiny
Rhya 4 Kylie W
Owen 5 Emily H
Carly 7 Robin
Liam 8 Chloe
Lila 9 Jayah
Jahziah 10 Maddie
Molly 11 Jono
Huia 12 Whole class
Jakaiah 13 Royce


What a wonderful day we had last Tuesday!  A bitterly cold start but the sun popped out for a wonderful day of physical activity! Our students played fairly, as a team and gave their best to each game.  Congratulations to those who were awarded a player of the day prize and all our tamariki for your awesome participation.

Thank you to all our parent transport helpers plus Lance, Alice and Ricardo for managing your teams.

A Firey Night by Jono Murray

Embers whistle in the twilight fields, darkness grows deeper whilst shadows cut through the flames. The night howls on, the field is consumed and the flames roar out. A desert is left as dawn flutters into the sky, the sand is boiled; the air to steam and whom to arrive but the night.

As she sets,  the sun cuts herself on the peak of a cave causing a bush to ignite.

Shadows erupt from the hour of dusk as they dance on through the night. New vegetation emerges while the night is still young giving blanket to the setting sand. In the bush that was alight, the fire continues to creep through the night. The blanket is set ablaze as the shadows gaze for another firey night.


WEDNESDAY 26 July 2023
$15 each – monies raised will go towards purchasing new kapa haka uniforms for Te Whānau Kōtuku – bilingual class

Food in hangi tray will be pork, chicken thigh, potato, kumara, pumpkin and seasoning, alongside a burnt sugar pudding with homemade custard.

Tickets can be purchased from the office from Friday 30th June between 8;40am and 9am or after school from 3pm. Meals will be delivered to school at 6pm Wednesday 26 July 2023.

Pyjama Day – Friday 30th June

Wear your PJs and donate a gold coin to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.

Lost Property

Lost property is overfull, it is outside Room6 in the green box. Please collect before the end of the term as it will all be discarded to local charity shops in the holidays.

World War 3


BANG ! Another explosion hits the Eiffel Tower. It has been surrounded and covered with dust as some of it is crumbling off like a cookie. People are running for their lives. The ground was like the surface of the moon. It had craters and massive holes where bombs had exploded and fallen from the cold, dark air howling above them.


BOOM! “Ahh” people scram for safety. “Look at the eiffel tower,” some man sheriks. “It’s falling,”  another man screams.

More and more army trucks skid to a stop. Nobody knows what’s happening.


BOOM! I go flying over the battlefield like a bird flying through the sky.

I survived. I land in a massive hole filled with brown smelly mud and ashes. MY leg hurts so bad!

What is going to happen to me next?

By Erica Cockerell